About Me

I've been working on the Microsoft HoloLens since January 2014, and before that I worked on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. I work on the Spatial Mapping team within the Analog Platform Research and Development organization.

Prior to my employment at Microsoft, I attended Ohio State University, where I graduated magna cum laude with Honors in Engineering and an Honors Minor in Math from the Computer Science & Engineering Department. I worked in Dr. James Davis's Computer Vision Lab as an undergraduate research assistant, interned at the Ohio Supercomputer Center, Chemical Abstracts Service, and Microsoft, and started work at Microsoft full-time in 2012.

Some side projects of mine include a home-based virtual assistant system with Phillips Hue integration and voice control, a lamp that displays the outside temperature by color, wirelessly-controlled LED lighting in my desk, and a couple of ESP8266 microcontrollers that I'm fiddling with while figuring out the next project.

Contact Details

Michael Schoenberg
1420 E. Pine St., Unit E406
Seattle, WA 98122 US


Get In Touch.

Email is the best way to contact me. Send mail to michael@michaelschoenberg.com.